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Armeria strives to provide landscape architects, contractors, and interiorscapers professionals commercial polymer resin planters, outdoor lighting, and refuse receptacles manufactured in the U.S.A., available in recycled materials,
along with downloadable architectural CAD drawings.

- The Armeria Team

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20+ Years |
American Society Of Landscape Architects
Supporting ASLA members as they promote healthy, sustainable sites and communities through landscape architecture projects. 


11 Jan 2011 |
CAD Details
Planter products 2D and 3D drawings.


13+ Years |
California Landscape Contractors Association
Supporting CLCA members as they create beautiful, enduring landscapes that improve the quality of life.


11 Jan 2011 |
Staying  up-to-date on what's happening in the landscape architecture industry through social networking.


30 Jan 2011 |
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Max Sturman - Architects Incorporated. Landscape Architect testimonial.


OCT 2010 |
U.S. Green Building Council
Offering products that contribute to the Sustainable Sites Initiative and the US Green Building Council's LEED program.


Welcome to Armeria
Polymer Resin Planters, Outdoor Lighting, Refuse Receptacles

Armeria is the proud supplier of rotationally molded polymer resin planters, outdoor lighting, and refuse receptacles.

Our planters, lighting, and waste containers are utilized in applications requiring high quality, heavy duty products that will not chip, crack or break for over ten years. Rotational molding is the only plastic process that can provide the long term durability. Therefore, our products can not be compared to the price of plastic products manufactured through other processes. Concrete and clay have poor freeze/thaw characteristics as well. Armeria's products perform excellent in all inclement climate areas. A good example are the rotationally molded planters installed throughout Pedestrian Plaza in New York Times Square. This was the third installation for New York City within the past 12 years.

Armeria's planters, lighting, and waste receptacles represent a viable lightweight alternative to traditional products of clay, concrete, aggregate materials, or metal. Armeria's product line's market is the Landscape Architect community mainly in commercial projects. Due to a much lower freight cost, the large applications consider our products very inexpensive compared to similar products made from other materials. Additionally, contractors can easily unload a truck and manually place the planters and receptacles in the application, whereas concrete or metal require the use of large equipment incurring additional installation costs.

Armeria's products are very popular in high traffic areas. They are manufactured in the same processes and utilize the exact materials as highway crash barriers. Vehicles accidentally backing into one of our planters incur far less damage to the vehicle and usually no visible damage to the planter.

We have a vast amount of architects, landscape contractors, and interiorscapers that are walking testimonials for our products. A client requiring no maintenance and beautiful site furnishings lasting decades will love rotationally molded polymer resin rotocast products.

"Any additional cost up front will save the transplanting of large foliage for many years to come. I have had polymer resin planters on my balcony for over 15 years and they look the same as the day I installed them." D. Chavez

Featured Works
Planters - Belagio - Las Vegas, NV, Pedestrian Plaza, NY, City Park